Little Farm Biscuits spelt

Little Farm Biscuits spelt

Little Farm Biscuits spelt

as of the 10th month
100 g

Holle Little Farm Biscuits are a fun, tasty snack for little gourmets from 10 months. With their natural mild taste these cute animal biscuits are a perfect snack for between meals. Valuable Demeter ingredients and a taste which is less sweet make Little Farm Biscuits a carefree enjoyment.

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Spelt flour**1 (63%), molasses of rice*, butter** (milk product), banana powder*, baking agent: bicarbonate of soda, thiamine(vitamine B1)2
*from organic agriculture,
**Demeter (from biodynamic agriculture).
1a type of primal wheat, 2added according to the law
May contain traces of egg, nuts and soya.

Countries of origin of the main ingredients:

Holle Organic Baby Spelt-Biscuits are made from high quality Demeter spelt flour and improved by the use of best Demeter butter. Holle consciously avoids the use of crystal sugar and uses rice syrup and banana instead for a naturally mild flavour.

Please note:

Please do not leave your baby to nibble unsupervised. Do not give your baby the spelt biscuits lying down so that he or she does not swallow them.

Make sure your baby takes good care of his teeth from the first tooth onwards.