Rapporto sulla sostenibilità

Rapporto sulla sostenibilità

Holle sustainability magazine 2020: Focus on diversity

The focus of this magazine is diversity. With this edition, you will be provided with an comprehensive insight into projects relating to the six cornerstones in our sustainability work: management, product responsibility, partnership, resources, agriculture and employees. 

Holle sustainability magazine 2017: Focus on holistic advice

This magazine provides interesting insights into how Holle baby food AG has developed since the founding of the company and how sustainability is put into practice. The title of the magazine is no coincidence. It illustrates the responsibility that we take on: As one of the first companies with a Demeter processing contract, Holle proved early on that Demeter food can be produced in large quantities, and that food produced according to Demeter guidelines definitely has a future. With our baby food products we are making an important contribution to a life lived sustainably – from the very beginning. The latest edition of our magazine focuses on the various facets of Holle’s advisory services and communication in the dialogue with raw material suppliers, producers, distribution partners and consumers.


Holle sustainabiltity magazine 2016: Sustainable, from the beginning

As a pioneer in the field of biodynamic baby foods, we have been following a clear course from the very beginning: to produce baby food sustainably, from sourcing the raw materials through to the finished product, and to ensure all our business practices are sustainable. Where do we currently stand? And where would we like to be? Our first sustainability magazine “Sustainable, from the beginning” includes reports on the secret of the baby food manufacturer’s high quality, on why goat’s milk is so valuable as baby food and why we are now also working in South Korea. It’s no coincidence that the magazine is being released at Biofach 2016. Exactly a year ago, we published our sustainability report for 2013/2014 here. The magazine demonstrates how our involvement has continued to develop since then.



Holle sustainability report 2013/2014: Leading the way towards a continuous improvement process

Our first sustainability 2013/2014 report is a major milestone for us. It enables us to present the impacts of our day-to-day business in a transparent way, but also to present the measures we want to implement in order to make our business more sustainable. In this sustainability report, we want to show very openly, in an accountable and transparent way, what we have already achieved in terms of sustainability, what challenges we face, and how we want to approach our shared future together.